Elegant Enchanted dear horns/antlers headbands

The spring is finally here. It's lovely weather outside and I do enjoy it. I missed the blooming season so much you can see it in my newest works that can be found at my Etsy shop :)

 Yes, pink is not the color I usually work with ;)

 This one is made to order. The pink on is the newest one and is in stock.

This one was ordered to be made. It will be sent as soon as I'll get the payment.


  1. They look very cute! Love your works!

  2. Gosh, that lilac/purple one is soo pretty! I also like the pink one, but purple is one of my favorite colors to wear ♥

  3. Oh my, your works are amazing! The first one is perfect for spring, with all those flowers, the pink and that little bird <3. I love the other two too, though... you're really good at making handcraft accessories!

  4. These are beautiful. My favorite has to be the lavender one, with the little nest nestled so secretly in the flowers. Though the second bird on the pink one is an excellent touch. Finally, the most gothic one makes me think of a little deer child torn from her forest home to live in an old castle. There might be a short story there...

    I only wish we could see what they looked like worn.

    1. Thank you, well I actually wear one at my profile. And for others... Well, I don't know who would model for me :D But I'm thinking about it. I, myself don't want to show my face to often as a model. It's boring :D

  5. I am just so in love with this cute accessories :) You are really skilful.

  6. At my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/Deadlycherries :)