Thought on making my own Lolita inspired designs

Soooo... I'm thinking about selling my black Bodyline JSK.

I just don't like how high the waist line is. It doesn't feel comfortable... And now that I know how the size feels I guess it's better to buy a bigger one and just take the fabric in. The skirt part of JSK will be longer itself as well as the main body. 
I'm keeping my "Sweet jewelry" since the JSK out of stock and I like the print. I'm thinking of transforming it to a high waist skirt since it looks good when I pull it on my natural waist line. It even won't bee a lot of work.Just a little bit of ripping and sewing again. I'll also make the waist ties removable. They do not look good under a jacket... The suspenders will probably will be transformed into another pair of cuffs or something else to match the skirt.

I'll order few skirts I like from Bodyline to see if they work for me. I also saw a girl making a dresses out of two skirts and they looked even better then dresses of the same print Bodyline has. There is always an option of making stuff myself. And buying two skirts is a perfect way in getting the print you like and making a dress that works for you. 
You can find fine fabric choice on Etsy. It's a paradise for handy sweet Lolitas. Not so good for Gothic ones thought... But bitter sweet can be an option.
Not to mention, you can reconstruct a skirt from a second hand shop.
I made this blue skirt out of a maxi skirt I found on second hand shop. I was into floral motifs at that time and blue associates with Mana Sama and his Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance  :D Well, this piece is far away from that, but I still like it. The blue is not the color I wear often, but it nice to have changes time to time. Sorry for the blurry pictures. What I learned? That this skirt needs "A" shape petticoat. I don't think the "bell" shape works. At least I don't like the puffy top.

Remember my little bjd girl??? Well, I made her skirt from the leftovers of the same fabric. So we can match now :D I just could not resist to do that :D 


  1. That jsk is very pretty, are you going to sell it :)? I'd be interested if it fits my measurements.

  2. Yes, I am. Here are the measurements.
    Back center of length 89cm
    Bust 86-96cm
    Waist 72-82cm
    The back has a shirring
    let me know what you think. I'm planing to put it on Facebook Bodyline sale.

    1. Well, I'm 89-67-89, do you think it might be a little big on me?
      May I see some pictures of it worn? :)

    2. Oh you have super thin waist :)Mine is 74. Just check my Bodyline tag. I tried it that only time to make this coord. It has waist bands. Form pictures of you, I thing it should be perfect :)By the way, I'm selling it for 50 dollars. Shipping is included.

    3. Yes I do ''XD it's terrible for online shopping XD
      Is it this dress? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-x50KzDgjiUQ/UOxDT12rxeI/AAAAAAAACIw/nykIdIEFVJE/s1600/IMG_0618.jpg because if so, it's very beautiful - plus you look skinnier than me and it doesn't look too big on you, so it should be ok.
      Look, I'm waiting for payments from two other girls, and after that I could buy it: could you keep it for me, or are you in a hurry to sell it?

    4. Really?? I thought you look skinnier then me:D Yes, I can hold it for you. As I said waist ties can help with your slim waist ;) Let me know when you'll be ready to purchase it :)

    5. Very good :)! I'll let you know as soon as I get the payments, and then you can send me your payment requests.
      Thank you so much for keeping it for me! :)