New jewelry from Deadly Cherries

I ordered some details almost a month ago and finally they all reached me. I had a two days off so I started to carry out some of my jewelry projects I had in mind. I wanted something really Gothic and elegant.  I used antique silver details for these beauties, blood red drop beads and cameos I created myself. You can find them listed at my Etsy shop. I hope you'll like them. I was making them till my fingers got hurt. But it was a real pleasure. 

 Pentagram. Was one of my most favorite pendants in my early years. I had the simple one, because it's actually was hard to find a pentagram when I was 15 :D in my town. And there only was a few shops in capital that sold something like that. I'd love to travel back time  and leave myself such present on the pillow :)

 This ornamented bat is the main detail of these pieces. I'm a little bit tired of solid bats going around and this one looked something refreshing but still bat enough :D

This one is my favorite. I ordered these roses and they looked not like the color I wanted. They had to be deep red and not smoky purple. But when I combined it with light purple beads I was pleasantly surprised how nice it matched :3

Little tea party set. I was thinking about drinking tea in a rose garden while creating it. I imagined a peaceful evening of summer, siting outside, waiting for  nightfall slowly to cover everything around till the point where the stars and moon replace the light of the sun rays. It would be still warm but cool at the same time. The noises of the day would slowly fade and the silence of the night would embrace me.
It's hard to explained the feeling, but for me my  creations are like little stories. They evolved a little by little till they get they physical bodies.

Thank you for reading ;)

Gothically Yours