Bitter sweet strawberry jewelry to match an outfit

I admit I like sweet and cute looking stuff. Maybe that's why I'm fond of Lolita style since it's so cute. I love sweet prints. Most of them are way to sweet for me to have them, but I like them non less. They are cute!!! And if someday I'll have a daughter, that's how I'll dress her till she be able to choose her own style. I have one sweet print in my wardrobe. It's Jewelry Love from Bodyline in black colorway. The other one I was looking at for quite  long time was Chockoberry skirt ( in black colorway of course :D ).

Oh, those strawberries enchanted me!!!

After debating with myself I ordered it. It jet to come but I thought that it would be nice to start thinking about coord. It's not that hard, because I know I'll match it with black blouse and black cardigan or jacket. Then I thought that it would be nice to have a strawberry jewelry to match the skirt theme itself. I didn't wanted it to be childish as most of those sweet accessories are. And I wanted it to be more bitter sweet.  So I made a quick sketch at work. 

I'm not best at drawing :)

And on my day off I started to work on it. And here it is finished! The original had to be with a antique silver strawberry on the cameo. But I decided to try it with Polymer clay too, since I don't have any strawberry charm by at the moment.

I added white beads to match the white dots on the skirt.

 I decided to make a matching earrings too

I'm quite happy with it. I think it will add enough stawberriness to mu outfit and will go well with any other outfit that need some red in it :) I listed in my shop as item to order to. In case someone will find it nice looking too ;)

And since I'm obsessed with strawberries I'm making this one too :D 

A Batberry :D


  1. Aww!! It is amazing!! The strawberries looks so real! You need more advertising about your beautiful stuff so could I share your post on facebook, hope it's ok?

  2. Yes, of course :)That would be great :)