When demons drink tea

So, I found pictures of the photo shoot with our boys me and my friend Yuki ( check her DevianArt, it's realty worth it!!!!) did last summer. We decided that we want to make a themed one and since I was making horns for my doll at that time, we decided to go for mystic creatures. It took quite long for us to find a quiet spot with no strangers to stalk upon our mission. And we found one under the bridge. It wasn't that easy to get there with all our dolls and equipment :) But it was worth it. The place was just perfect for our Demon Tea Party.

 So we started to prepare our dolls and that's when I found out that I left my dolls horns at Yuki place. Oh, well, I had to improvise so I made his wig to have "hair horns" and attached bat wings to his vest. So he became gargoyle. Still a mystic  creature :D

  So here's the party itself :)

 The cake our demons are having is a real... It's a shortcake from a local store. It was just perfect :D

 The dolls on the left and right belongs to Yuki

 My darling thinking if he had enough sugar :)

 The day was hot... not only for us.
 At the end I wasn't completely happy of how my doll looked since the image I had for him at first was a little different. The horns that decided to stay home made me change my plans.But the photo shoot it self was fun and I can't wait to have one this summer :3 Haru looked like an innocent young demon instead of fearsome one I wanted. But you know, you can't tell the doll how he should look :D