Autumn coat obtained

So yes yes yes, I found myself a perfect coat for an incredible low price and I'm just so happy about it, because it's exactly how I wanted it to look and the color is perfect to :D!

 It's a high waist coat that get much wider at the bottom and is perfect for all fluffy skirts I have as well as for less frilly ones. I'm now wearing a simple skirt for work so you cant see much volume, but I'll show you it in the future:)

 It even has a little bump so I am able to wear it with any bustle skirt :) I have one for now. I counted that I have 20 skirts and no trousers at all. So I'll try to stop on purchasing more skirts.. I'll try.

 It goes really well with my new Antique Clock purse from Restyle.pl and I love those protruding shoulders. It's made from wool and acrylic. Not the warmest thing but it should do it's best for next couple months. It costed me $4 so... yeah :D

How more perfect can it be? :D


  1. This coat looks adorable! It has such a cute and retro girly vibe too it!

  2. Oooh! I am not a huge fan of tartan usually, but purple tartan is amazing! It looks very dark and different! It is great it fits big skirts under it, always a consideration. Four dollars! So jealous! (dies)

    Ha ha, you are like me, I have loads of skirts and dresses, and no pants!

  3. 4$!! Thats a real bargain and it is soo beautiful!

  4. Thanks, girls! All I can say that it's even better in person :)

  5. It's lovely! Very lolita, for a start, and so classy <3 I love the detail of the shoulders too. It can also go perfectly well with your everyday clothes. Nice find!