Bedrooms to dream about

Living in a rented flat doesn't let you decorate it as you want and as I haven't spend more then 3 year in one apartment I don't want to get lots of stuff I would have to take with me. But time to time I get myself dreaming how great it would be to have a place of my own so I could decorate to my taste :D The decor ideas changes as times go ( all black, then white and black, then warm nature tones and so on). But hte thing that never change is that I want a big beautiful bed with wooden carvings o at least a canopy :D

 Such bedrooms need a lot of space thought :) I like the warm tones. Not everything must be black for me these days :)

This whole room is perfect. I usually don't like carped but this one is in a perfect position. It's always nice to not get your warm feet out of the bed on the cold floor :D

My perfect bed preference would be a bed build in wall. I don't know if my other half would justify it but I love to sleep in a confined space. As silly as it sounds I would when I was teen I would crawl with my pillow into a wardrobe and would fall asleep there. One day my mom came in when I was having wardrobe nap. She was looking for me and it was hard to explain her where I was just a second ago when she entered my room and I was no where to be found. Still, I don't like places I can be stuck in, just the cozy ones I can leave whenever I'm....rested :D
I saw this bed in a wall in old Russian book. The was a space in a wall that was covered with curtain and behind them there was a  mattress big enough for a person to sleep. The high of this "bed" was just enough for a person to almost stand in.
Looked something like this :)

here's more modern version ....

It's a great idea for small space room or for a child room though I would enjoy such bed even now.
Check out more of these super cozy beds here!


  1. Yeah I feel like I am getting to the stage in my life where I realllllllly just want to decorate my own house, but there are so many things you can't do in a rental house, aren't there! I have similar tastes to you. At least I have a nice ironwork piece on my bed end, but I want more! I want a four poster bed (don't we all) with hangings, I want Louis Quinze style chairs, I want white New Orleans style furniture and a giant bone candelabra and flocked wallpaper...

    I am trying to keep an eye out for little pieces I can have around that I can take with me when I move. I have an unworking clock that I want to decorate, for instance. The candle clock I found recently was my best find so far, just the kind of thing I want in the future!

    Have you seen the blog, Chintz of Darkness? It doesn't seem to be updated anymore, but there is so much decor to die for in there!

    1. Our bed is just another sofa that we sleep on. I't almost never made. And I would love to have a real bed in my bedroom. But we got this sofa for free and a nice bed cost money and yeah... I would rather spend those money on something else then a new bed since I know I'll want all new items in my own apartment :D

  2. Yeah, I feel you; We live in a rented apartment as well, and we rented it furnished, which was really practical at that time, but we're still stuck with the old, ugly and worn down furniture. The walls are white, which I actually like, but I wish I could at least put up a couple of photos or something.
    We're not planning on moving any time soon, so I could buy a couple of small thinks to enliven this place, but we've always had some other, more important expenses...:)

    1. oh, that just like us. Even if we are allowed to decorate it a little bit more, we don't wan't to spend money on an apartment that isn't actually ours :) I envy people how can move into apartment and make it their own like Lady Jayne from Dark Victorian :D All her places looks fantastic!!! http://thedarkvictorian.blogspot.com/search/label/decor

  3. Those built in beds were very common in sweden in ancient days.
    I have my own house but it takes soo long to achieve something that I can be satisfied with.

    1. I always say to myself That I'll start from one smallest corner and will change things with my DIY skill bit by bit... But still I am nowhere near how I want it to look... Friends that come says that out home is cozy but I want some style too :D