I usually get attached to one sweater and wear it till it's not wearable :D I like them to be comfortable, not to tight, not to short but still having a nice silhouette.
Here are some victims that no longer exist :D

Me 19 :)
This sweater actually belongs to my mom and he wore it during her young adult days :D
I completely over-wore it! 

Those stripes were good for any occasion. Going out or visiting my parents if I feel comfortable, then I feel good :D It's still with me.

This electric green sweater is loved for its big neckline. It's comfortable, warm and actually looks good with black :)  It's already at its limits so once again I must find a new victim while the weather is not so cold :)


  1. I love the broad stripes with the corset- I don't think I could ever pull off a sweater and corset but it looks fab on you!

    1. Thanks. That actually is nor a real corset :) It's shirt's bottom, that I cut off and decorated with some leather patches :) It's all soft and that's why I was able to wear it with sweater ;)

  2. I love the whole outfit in the second picture! I want it all!

  3. I love the second one, especially with the lolita skirt =)
    The green one is nice too, but I hate decollet├ęs on sweaters for 2 reasons : I wear them when it's cold so if skin appears, then for me it doesn't worth it, and because I don't have enough breast to look great ^^

  4. I really love the grey and black sweater, hm, maybe because black and grey stripes is my favourite. It also looks like it matches anything in your closet. The first sweater has a lovely plum colour that goes very nice with your hair. Maybe you could look for something in that colour next time?

  5. I'm yet another person loving the second outfit, it looks so well thought. Perfectly casual, yet unmistakably gothic and it brings out your young age; such look is something I can't achieve no matter what.

  6. I love the contrast of the green with your hair and you look smashing in stripes.

  7. I love the striped one, no wonder you overuse it, it's good for any style :D! And I love how you paired it with booties and that lovely brown skirt.

  8. One more to love-love-love the second outfit. The corselet looks fab with the sweater, and the romantic skirt tops off the outfit ^^

    Also, I really like the electric-green sweater. The collar is lovely, and the color is a nice contrast to your red hair :)

  9. I know too well the experience of wearing a beloved article of clothing until it disintegrates! It's always a sad day, but opens up space in the close for something new. ;) I love the neckline on your green sweater! I find sweaters like that are very versatile because you can change what you wear underneath to achieve different looks, just as your two photos show!