Moss terrariums in a vine glass

I decided to make new terrariums again and got moss and dirt  for it. I just felt to lazy to start making it. Few days ago I remembered two glasses of wine I kept on my window shelf and decided that they would be perfect for this. So all the moss got new home. It has jet to get green since it got dried from staying in a bag.  But that's the cool thing with it. No mater how "dead" it looks it will get green again after getting some water :D

Here it is right after making it. The making of little thing to add waits ahead. I jet need to decide what it will be: a fairy garden, graveyard, or a forest ground :) What I like about these moss terrariums is when the winter comes and everything is cowered by snow, these lit the islands of green really cheers you up :)  They are like mini world of awesomeness :D

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