Deadly Cherries: Tree Branch earrings

I got fascinated by Mori style lately, especially Dark Mori which I see as casual Gothic twitchy style :D I like that "closer to nature" look and need for it usually comes during the cold season. But that's no wonder since the style itself is a layered combination of many things to keep you warm and cozy. I think it's close to Scandinavian look and not so far away from Lithuanian actually since people in countries with short warm season usually adopt to wear cozy warm and natural material clothing. But that's another theme and what I wanted to share are these Mori inspired earrings of black branches. I wanted something like that for myself but nothing really fitted my taste so I created ones myself. They are hand sculpted from polymer clay and have silver plated hooks. 

 The size of these are about 4 cm tall and 1.5 cm wide.

Here's the little ones. They are 3 cm tall and 1 cm wide :) They hangs directly from you ear.

 Thanks for taking a look ;)


  1. Wow, those are cool! I like the "twitchy" earthy goth style as well, but I am miserable in cold weather.

  2. well, me too :D But we got cocoa and warm sweaters for that. And there is no need to go outside. I prefer to enjoy the winter watching it from my window :D

  3. I'm very much into dark mori style, it combines well with the scandinavian look, as you say. It's quite easy to find lovely black or dusty clothes in that flowing and layered look you want to achieve.
    Those earrings are lovely!

    1. Thanks. I'm nor really good at layers but I love the look on others :D Maybe I'll try to pull off some Mori coords too :D