Black cats sits where they want

I used to have this "altar" kind of thing that is not an altar just something arranged by me using "this looks nice" rule :D It used to be on the window of the living room and my cat used to walk all over it making me feel somehow uneasy, because maybe sometimes I do light a incense in this particular space for non particular reasons... or when I feel uneasy. All those candles in sparkling glasses makes me feel relax and calm. And so she kept contemn this lovely arrangement of mine till I decided to move it to another room. To my bedroom. I just went for a second to pick something else and here she was...  I guess I got her permission. She is calmly siting next to it and not on it :D

I do love how everything looks at the evening when I turn off the light and only candles are left to burn in my lovely red crystal goblets.


  1. That looks really lovely, I love candles in coloured glass holders! Candles are so lovely and peaceful.

    The cat is so cute!