More Bodyline!!!

It just happen so that one evening I come upon a sale on Bodyline!! It was one of those mystery sales that happens time to time but no one knows when. Everything was -20% so I just could not resist to order Items I wanted for a long time. I made two order since when I made the first one, I decided that I should order few other things just because.... it's a sale >:(

The stuff finally arrived. One package got through custom safely and another one got stuck and I got to pay the fees. Oh well.
But here's my new super cute skirts I wanted for ages!! I love them both. The striped one is made from very fine velveteen and is a bustle skirt, that can be worn in many different ways :D It has a under bust corset/west. You can wear  skirt with or without it. 
The black one is a fake bustle skirt. It has many layers but they can not be adjusted. But it's so gorgeous that I have no words. It's comfortable and has lacing and shirring. If you are thinking if you should get it. Don't think any more, just get it!! muahahaa, it's so beautifully amazingly fantastic!

The second one was some items I kinda wanted but wasn't sure. But since they were on sale, I got them...

It was a "Maple sugary waffle" skirt and to boleros. Ar red and a black.

 This one is already a quite nice coord :D 

The red one is nice, while the black one is not really...  how to say... to much lace and ribbons for me. It looks nice in picture but I  don't like the image when I'm wearing it... To frilly maybe... I like to take frilly skirts and tone them don with not so frilly clothes.

The skirt is lovely. Just what I expected. I just remade the big bow as always. Made it into a smaller one and a tiny one that fits into my palm :) It looks cute as a brooch too :) I wore the skirt to work since everybody wanted to see my waffle and cherry skirt after I appeared with my chocoberry one.

 I combined it with simple shrug and Mary Janes I wear at work :) 
I don't always go to work like that because even I get tired looking like a cupcake. And I want to leave my frilly  clothes for my days off.. Than it's more fun to dress up :D


  1. Oooh, I think that is the black skirt I have been wanting! I have some Bodyline stuff coming in the mail, hope it all gets here soon and that it fits!

  2. Oh, I wish I knew there was a sale going on. You're right, they always do pop out of the blue. I had some shoes I wanted to order from them. I guess they'll stay in my cart until next time.

    1. Well, I check their page time to time and there it was :D Some Lolita blogs on tumblr were posting about it too. At least Lolita tips did :)

  3. Everything looks so pretty! I love the red cord and the skirts *0*! Those bows as well! ♥

  4. I love the first two skirts! Pinstripes is one of my favourite patterns: it's so steampunk and elegant. And the second one, well, it has a corset and black ruffles, what more could a girl desire :D? Amazing purchases!

    1. oh, steam punk, somehow I didn't thought of it. But yes, you are right!! I should gather items for a steam punk coord :D Thanks