Miniatures in my life

 I want to make a room for my dolls and since most of my dolls are aristocratic Gothic vampires/alchemists and other creatures like summoned deer spirits, the room itself will be stocked with antique furniture and accessories that are likely to fit the habits of my... dwellers.

My boys are smart. See how both of them are reading. But while Haru is studying, Count Lestas D'Lacrua is reading for his own entertainment.  

I started to look for miniatures things  that would fit the size and would not be to small. This week  I collected some more stuff for my dolls :D

 My latest ones are the candlestick (really heavy) and this porcelain vase (?) with rose painting.   I found it in a second hand store. That's where I hunt for these thing and it also became a little hobby of mine.

The little box was brought to me as souvenir.  At that time I wasn't even thinking to ever have a bjd doll.  Now it will be and useful accessory as well as memento :)

You can see the size compared with my Resin Soul Ai who is 58 cm tall.

 I also got two wooden tea boxes and will be converting them in antique cupboards quite soon. 

 They look big when standing by itself and get way smaller when one of the dolls stands near. I'm planing to make cabinets form them. One of high legs (slimmer one) and for other I jet need to buy a wooden box with drawers to put it on.

Just thinking if I should take photos of my steps to post on DOA since I usually make everything very spontaneously. But I'm really happy with these findings, though my biggest dream is to obtain a nice porcelain tea set that would fir sd bjd size and would be realistic enough :)

Like this one <3

Hope you don't mind reading about my little obsessions :D


  1. Wow, that is really interesting, I love finding little things like that! And it is so clever to see how you thought of those boxes being turned into shelves! I would love to see the process!

    As a kid I always wanted one of those perfect dollhouses with tiny food, four poster beds, etc, but never got one. I think one day I might have to make one. At the moment, a small corner of one of my bookshelves has some dollhouse pieces including a very cool tiny plastic mounted deer head I found in a secondhand shop, the 'house' belongs to one of my small stuffed cats.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I't I would have smaller dolls, they wouldn't even need a re-makeup, but now I need to make it look bigger.
      I'd love to see that bookshelf of yours :)

  2. Hello!
    Searching for little things is really funny, you never know where you'll find them. Sure that your dolls will enjoy their room when you'll finish it.

    I have BJDs as well and I've found some stuff I had kept from my childhood that now are perfect for my dolls.