Love, dolls and bronchitis...

Well hello again. I know, I've been gone for almost a month without any explanation. Well, I'm back :) A lot of stuff happened and this will be just a short post to tell I'm still alive :D 
First of all...  A new love came around. And you know how that works. It took almost two weeks out of my social life since we were socializing only with each other, It's amazing how many common interests we have.
Second... I got bronchitis. A high fever, feeling like dying and all the other unpleasant stuff. I feel better now... Starting antibiotic course from today to get that thing out of my lungs ...
The third, my precious ball jointed doll came to me :D He is just gorgeous. I gave him a name of Haru which means spring in Japanese language. Here's some photos of him. I've made all the outfit except the boots ;)

The first photos. My friend gave me a wig since it was to big for her boys.

 Fake leather pants, haf leather haf fabrick jacket and a lace shirt. All made by me ;)

The jacket. I'm quite proud of it ;P

Later I made a wig from a fake fur. I like him better this way. 

  And at the end he ended looking like this. New shirt and a funny bat hat :D He looks so young to me now. Well, I need to make him look older. But one think is clear. He is a Goth :D :D


  1. Good you feel better now ^^
    And your bjd is very pretty :D I should post more pictures of mine on my blog too.

  2. Thanks. I love seeing other bjd photos too :) Of course you should post more photos of her ;)

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Congrats on getting your doll. He looks lovely. :)

  4. Oh, I love this doll! <3 Looks totally awesome! Nice that you´re feeling better :3