BJD lovers meeting with Greil Sutcliff... :D

I just had to share these wonderful pictures of my doll with you. We had a BJD lovers meeting few days ago. There was also a professional photographer, so we had a chance to get some really nice photos of our dolls  :)

We were making wigs during the meeting. I was kind a workshop meeting. Here you can see what I managed to do from an old wig I had. I'm really proud of my work. The clothes are also made by me. As you see my Haru is quite a Goth :D  But I love him having the blond hair. :D

Enjoy the photos and please do not use them  without permission, Thanks ;)

Me, taking of the old wig.

Here's some photos of me as Greil Sutcliff, you know, the crazy guy from Kuroshitsuji :D The hostess of the meeting  had the all costume of him, so I just could not resist to try it :D 

It all began with just trying the wig. Oh how I would like it to be my real hair :D

 I would be a good Greil knowing my obsession for Sebastian Michaelis XD

We also had some Japanese dishes such as sushi, onigiri and Okonomyaki. Not to forget the curd pie with strawberries that was absolutely wonderful :D


  1. Oh my god that costume is amazing! You look lovely :) Ahhhh I'm so jealous because I want to cosplay Grell for Halloween but I'm not sure I'll be able to put together a costume D:

  2. OMG!!!! I love Kuroshitsuji and BJDs!!! Grell´s the best ^^, you´re pretty


  3. Aw, Black Butler!
    The wig really suits you x3

  4. Thanks a lot you all :D It was really fun. The most patrs of costume was from secon hand shops, just slightly modifided top fit the character :)