Devil stone, cuteness and nudity

This weekend was a real fun since we took a part in a alternative fest "Devil stone". It was mostly black/ death metal but I was going there for the event and not for the music it self. Thought the music was OK too :)

Me and my sister waiting for the gates to be opened :) 

It was a group of eight people. Latter some other friends joined our tent circle. The was quite a lot people at the fest but most of them were quite young so some accidents did happened. Alcohol change peoples mind, you know ;)   

Our group drinking beer and chilling. It was a nice weather. Not to hot not too cold. Loved it.

 I tried not to dress too frilly since it wasn't a goth fest. I bought lenses so I could wear my heart shaped glasses. It's still strange to see myself without them. I wear glasses since 14 years old... :P

Here we are enjoying music. I don't find it very attractive to go head-bang with others...I like it more this way :) 

So as the fest was going to the end people got more and more drunk.  I myself couldn't get tipsy at all. But the was no head ache in the morning  :d That's a good thing. We were cooking food on a small gas burner.  So we were enjoying our lunch as a bunch of drunk dudes were crossing our camp side. Suddenly one of them saw us. "Oh, food!" He said. And started to walk toward as. I thought he would ask for some but instead he said "I need to cross over it". And by saying that he did it. he crossed with his dirty boots over our meal. I was  shocked  and like "WTF!! Then suddenly his other friend decided that it was very funny and wanted to do the same. And when he was rising hes boot I just couldn't stand it any more. I jumped up, garbed him by his collar and tossed him away shouting like |@!^(*&^&#@#$#&)_)$% you shall not pass you  $#$##$^%%#^!!!! He was surprised and just grumbled "lets go the other way." I was sooo angry I wanted to kill them!!!! It took a half of a hour for me to cool down. They were staying near us so every time I saw them I was giving a look like "just try it again and you'll die". 
Despite this accident everything else was fine. We came back tired but happy :) There was some nudity too :>

The member of „Ondskapt“ Kim came on scene in Adam costume. So we just had to have a photo with him after the show :) He was all covered in blood and you can see that I'm trying not to spoil my tartan shorts by touching his hip with mine :D I know that blood doesn't wash out so easy :D

During all fest me and my friend were stalking one cute guy :) I think he noticed that in the end. But come one. Don't be so cute if you don't want attention from girls :D We wanted to have a photo with him, but he had two female guardians all the time. So we decided not to take a risk. Since I know that I would kill any girl who would come to my BF and said "Hey, you are so cute, can I have a photo with you?" :D He had a really great profile. His look wasn't sweet but elegant and cold I would say. Oh, and he was a goth. Did I forgot to mention it?? :D And I think the only goth guy in this fest... And the main reason was that we both are a huge fans of manga boys. And he just looked like a BJ doll and a manga character :) Our BFs were happy that we left them to enjoy the concert and they didn't had to listen to our "do you know that manga" talk :D 

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