I finally got my mini top hat that I ordered from Ebay. It looks really  nice, has gorgeous details and is very comfortable to attach in any position you like :)

Here it is.

The feather, the lace, the veil, the bow....It has everything ;)
The two clips keeps it on your head really tight.

I want this one too.

But they don't ship it to my country. How sad.
Of course I could make one, but when it costs 3 dollars to by it... Well, I like to order little cute stuff from Ebay time to time. You never know when the package will come and every time it's a surprise :) I love it. It makes my day :D

I want some hair extensions like this one too :P

But in black of course...  My red bangs would go nicely with it :)

I just wonder how it would look on me.Well, at least it looks good on a model....

Do you have anything like that????

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  1. Ooh, the little hat is a great find. Can't wait to see how you style it. The hairpiece looks like it would be fun. You should try it!