Locket pendants

I always wished for a beautiful locked pendant where you can keep your beloved one photo or a piece of hair... or little secret contract with the devil :)
My friend had one and I always envied her for this reason. Her locket belonged to her mother and I wanted a locket with a history too. Like those that are passed from generation to generation... But no one in my family had one so i decided, that I'll be the first one to start this tradition and will find a nice beautiful  locket to wear and give to my daughter, so she could give it to her's.
I'm still looking for the perfect one... But here is some I found really nice looking too.

Ebay catch...

Book locket pendant
Simple and clear. True sterling silver. A solid one with a little crown on it.

These beauties are adorable. Maybe not very good for a family treasure, but for every day use they are perfect. So cute little pots.

I found this one really cute.

Unusual one. A vintage style. Really beautiful and delicate.

Flower locket. I do find it very elegant and sweet.
So I was looking and searching, then I got bored...

So I wen to Etsy...
And oh, boy....

I love this one. Such a vibrant green. It reminds me of Absent... Really nice job. It looks like glowing amber...

This one is expensive, but it's absolutely handmade.

A little perfume bottle locket. I always wanted one of these to carry around. I would fill them with some secret potion or special spice dusts. This goes to my wish list.

A beautiful peace with flower. Elegant and lovely. For all ages ladies.

Red Riding Hood. What a fun artwork. Good looking, sweet and charming. I would want one like that :)

And this one was made by me a year ago. It has been sold to a happy new owner.
Well, I don't get rid of idea to make a perfect locket pendant myself. But for now I'm doig both. Searching and creating.

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