Evening make up "I like dots and I can not lie"

Remember the post before? So this is what I did with my make up latter that evening.  

 It's kind of a dolly look, I guess...

I added darker shadows on the top lid and some shadows under my eyes. I never tried it before, but it looks ok. I always liked the way Adora BatBrat paints her face. It's just sad that because of the light you can't see the real view... damn that bathroom lights :( I know that fake Eye lashes would be perfect for this look. But I couldn't find my glue anywhere... So just imagine them :D

And dots, dots dots... I'm still obsessed with them :)

 So, the make up is done, so it's time to dress up and go party... 

 A fancy hat, a lovely kitten brooch, my Lolita blouse and I'm ready.

Not my favorite look. I but I thought the Lolita - Victorian style goes best with this make up... I need to learn how to contour my cheek bones too. Any suggestions for a good tutorial??


  1. Super adorable!

    Though I haven't checked myself, there are some YouTube tutorials revolving around makeup, some channels dedicated to Gothic, Lolita, or even just basic looks.

  2. I know them, but usually it's only eye make up and lips an nothing about cheeks:(

  3. http://www.youtube.com/user/MissChievous?feature=watch#p/u/228/hXqOpPjtMik Tada! Contouring tutorial on Youtube :)

  4. that was super useful :> Thanks a lot :)