Black eyeliner make up

A free day at last... I love my job, I do. But I can't go to it all fancy creepy black, so I keep it for my free days.
Sun is bright as it's in the autumn and my red hair is sparkling too. I love this color red, but I want to make it a little bit brighter. the time to dye is coming so I will try something out.

 And yes, I bought those fancy skeleton hands I was dreaming for so long. I found it for a very good price on Etsy. Now I got six of them :D Two goes for my friend as soon as I get more clips to attached them to. Other two. Well, it's always good to have some spare skeleton hands in your closet ;)

 Here are some black ribbon clips I made. I wanted something simple but cute. But now I want to add something too :D I can't go with very simple I guess...

And of course, the make up....

 It seemed to light for me so I put some golden shadows on the upper lid.

 You can see them here. If it was evening, I would probably add some black and purple shadows. The best about this is that I can do it latter. So the day make up turns into evening just by adding some darker colors. Myebe I'll add a photo latter. When the evening comes ;D

 I want to reshape my eyebrows into more firm. I need to color them anyway. I'm not good on doing it by myself and to lazy to go to a pro :D
The last photo... The line came really good. I got a birth mark on the outside corner of my left lid. It always gave me a hard time to make a clear line. So I decided to make it a little bit lower. And I guess it looks good too :)

So, latter that evening ;)

More photos on the next post ;)


  1. I love your make-up! Whenever I try something like that it always end up messy :P

    1. oh, yes, that takes practice! :D But practice can make it perfect. Just don't stop trying because of some mess ;)