Thin line or suitable for parents

I don't  post outfit photos very often since I dress at the last min. and don't have a time to take photos. It's sad, since a lot of good outfits are lost. It's nice to see what fitted you good and to recreate that look again with some different details. So I'll try to do that more often. 
This outfit is from my meeting with mom. She came to the town I live for some personal business and we agreed to met at the cafeteria to chat. My sister was coming too. But it's just a side note :) So I wanted to look not to extravagant but not to ordinary too. Every time my mother sees me with average clothes she thinks that the "phase" is over ( come on, I'm 28. It will never be over!!) so I try to keep my dark side visible :D But after that I had to visit my work place and I didn't wanted my employ's to be shocked so I avoided fluffy stuff, coffins and skulls. I still have the job, so I think I did great.

 I'm wearing my lovely striped jacket (second hand store), ripped jeans, black sweeter and a spider web top under it. I like that top so much. It's a perfect accent for any top with bigger neckline ;)

By the way, I ripped jeans myself by using a big razor. After a few washing they got the perfect trimmed look. The best thing is that I can wear a colorful tights underneath to make a perfect match with tops or any  accessories I wear.
  You can see I'm wearing my spiked heart pendant and an ankh. After I made my Goth box for jewelry it's much easier to find my little treasures since their are kept in one place all the time.

 My hairdo is a simple low piggy tails. I don't wear them often since I find it to girly but it's perfect for softening bitchy look.

Dots and eye liner are my favorite make up accents. 
And the bag I took with me was my Nr.1 for now Ruby Gloom bag.

I want a long black velvet skirt for this autumn, but sadly I can't find one anywhere :( I guess the only resort is to make one myself...
Have a nice day!

Gothically Yours,
The Countess


  1. Very cool:) I am 30 myself and my parents are still dreaming of me getting over my "phase", bah.

  2. I really love the jacket!
    I don't post many outfit posts either because I get up and dress at the last minute too.

  3. Hehe, I love your poses. So gorgeous! I have a ruby gloom bag too.

    I tell this story a lot, but when I was a wee babbycat (like a babybat, but with a tail), I went into a goth shop with my mum, and there was a gorgeous pleated skirt with a chain on it. My mum was like, "yeah, and when you get out of this phase you can just take the chain off!"

    She got the frowning of a lifetime from the twenty-five-year-old goth woman who owned the shop.

  4. I just mentioned the phrase "once a goth, always a goth" to my friend earlier today ;) Wholeheartedly agree! And I too have the problem of not taking the time to take photos of my outfits all the time. I almost never wear the same thing, twice. Nice job!

  5. Very cute look! Love the eye makeup and the bag!

  6. I googled "fluffy coffins" and this came up! (thought you should know)
    Awesome outfit btw. perfect corporate goth.

    1. Thanks :D I guess that's because "coffins" is not so fa away from the fluffy stuff" :D Now I must have a fluffy coffin too :D