Winter, boots and raw food

Winter finally strikes. It was quite warm for a winter till last week, when the cold weather came back and now it's -16 Celsius. Not that cold but still... I already had hopes it will be a winter with no snow. But, oh well...At least I have my warm coat and a hat that keeps my head safe from the stingy weather. Do you spot my new boots? The brand is DEMONIA.  The shop had a good discount for the last pair that was of my size, so I bought them. They are really comfortable, but I'm afraid they won't last long since it's a artificial leather. I'm thinking about saving money for another pair of New Rocks that would be flat. I know they are worth the money they cost. So New Rock boots and another piece of Alchemy Gothic jewelry is on my list of  things I want in 2014 :D. 
 Off to work.

Other things on my list is get more raw food in my everyday meals. I'm doing quite well, I'd say. I don't use any mayo or other sauces from the shop. Instead I blend avocado or cashew with garlic and herbs I have.
My favorite at the moment is green pea and carrot salads.

I use cashew "mayo" and add leek. Today I also  blended banana with cacao, few cashew nuts, a piece of avocado and added some sesames on top. It was really tasty. It was a little hard at first since I struggled with the ideas what to have for lunch at work. Winter is not the best time to start raw diet since all veggies and fruits become  quite expensive:D But I really do feel great. No more heave feeling after meals and that is great.


  1. I love your bag. You look great! Keep going with the healthy eating! :)

  2. Lovely look, I have the same bag and I love it :D

  3. That dish seems delicious!
    You look both comfy and stylish.

  4. Cool look, I really like it. ^^
    As for Demonias...unfortunately, you're right; they don't last long. I've had three pairs of Demonias, they were pretty and very comfy, but the leather broke within a couple of months on all three...then the soles. And the zippers...such a shame, really...:S

  5. I agree about the heavy feeling after meals - I hate feeling like that. American diet is SO focused on unhealthy, deep-fried foods in HUGE quantities. At work, everyone is always pressuring me to go out to restaurants for lunch, and I can't stand the feeling I get from those kind of meals. I always bring my own home-cooked, healthy lunch that is light and nutritious!

    Sorry to hear about your brutally cold winter. :( But for what it's worth, you look so stylish in your coat and boots!!

  6. Hi, just thought you might want to know that I think a couple of designs from your Deadly Cherries shop got featured in this pic gallery by Kerli. http://kerli.buzznet.com/photos/fashionobsessiondeer/?id=68640491#id=68640496