Stocking up some simple jewelry

The winter is coming to the end hopefully and I decided to renew my everyday jewelry box with few simple jewelry pieces I found on Ebay. The origin country of these is China, they are quite cheap and perfect for everyday use since you won't feel to devastated if you loose it :D And I happen to do that quite a lot.

What  I got is this Bat pentacle on a long chain. The quality is quite good for the little price I paid. It looks lovely and love to tangle in things like other people hair :D

Second purchase are these loooovely kitties earrings. The details of these are not at perfection.... But they are alright. I wanted the black ones by they were out of stock so I got them in silver color. And that was a good choice for they would disappear in my black hair background. They fit perfectly as you see and there are no gaps. The lock just seems a little bit loose and I'll have to do something about it if I don't want to loose them on the first day of wearing.. 

Next are these black crosses earring. They reminded me of old school a little bit so I ordered them thought I'm not a super big fan of cross earrings :) They look best with my hair up since it disappear due my black hair color if my hair hangs loose. I ordered them in silver color the same day I got the black version. 
My coworker wasn't impressed with the "hanged kittens" as she expressed herself and liked these much more.

And last but not least is this big vampire cross pendant. It came with rubber band but I wear it on a long chain... and sometimes on short if I don't want to poke someones eye with it :D The little bat has no face, but everything else looks good. I like the details on wings. And this is A VERY BATTY CROSS. And I love it!!! But I got a feeling this might be originally from Alchemy Gothic. Not sure, but let me know if you know something ;) 

And something hat haven't arrived jet is the bracelet of bones in silver color and a bronze skeleton  hand...

... that I intend to spray in silver or black since there was no option for these colors. I think I'll stick to silver it's the best color when you wear all black :D

I still want a big ankh and I have laid my eyes on this Alchemy Gothic beauty :3

Well this one will not be a cheap one :D


  1. I love all of these pieces. Very nice!

    x Dawn

  2. The bat pentacle is very impressive! I like the bat cross too! I want to find a big ankh too, but I want to find a plain traditional Egyptian type one. I had the Alchemy Gothic Egyptian one but it was very thick and heavy and gave me a sore neck. I also had the Alchemy Gothic ankh you want once, but ended up selling it to a friend. I really like the style of that one though. Sometimes I kind of want it back. I think there are budget replicas of their stuff out there but it depends on how you feel about buying them.

  3. Thanks. Yes, I know about replicas and you can get simple designs for only $5. But as I like Alchemy Gothic a lot and adore their designs I chose not to support the steeling of their design :) I rather buy second handed item. That's how I got my two previous pieces :)

  4. I also bought some jewelry of Ebay and was surprised to see much cheaper prizes for the same quality you can buy in the stores here. Actually, I was logical; the shops here buy the stuff from China and by buying directly there as well, I eliminated the cost for the middleman!

    The jewelry you picked is really nice, I love the bat pentagram and the dangly kitten earrings!

    1. oh, yes. I don't by this stuff from stores any more. You can have it shipped for dollars and at the store you'll pay at least $10. It sometimes risky since the photos are not always what you get, but I try to look up the same item from different sellers to see if it's what you will get.

  5. Wow, they're really nice. I love the kittens, I've wanted a pair like that for ages. And that cross :O