Clip on dreadlocks. What is it?

Wooh! Hello again :)It was a sorter pause this time. Thank you for your comment on the previous post. As I everybody was curious about my dreads, I decided to tell more about it.

I actually use a clip in dreadlock falls that is super easy to instal and holds very well. You can even headbang a little bit with it on. No spinning around though :D

I bought it at my local alternative store and it costed about 35 dollars. And I love it although I'm not wearing them very often. But they do let me change my look from totally plain hair to something more interesting and extraordinary :)
How to instal it?? You need to make a piggy tail and clip it on :)
All that's left is to mask the area where it connected to you hair. I use bandana and it looks like I have tied my own dreads with it :) I got so many questions if this is my real hair :) Unfortunately, I've seen it only in black color plus some additional colors installed into it :) If you look closer it looks like a big clip in ponytail that was all twisted to look like dreads. It always has a nice volume and look perfect :) I wore them during a fest that took all 4 days. I just took it of when going to sleep and put it back in when I woke up. It took me about ten minutes to restore the look.

Here is a picture of me wearing them together with my horns :) 
God, I love those horns. Could wear them everyday...if only.

And here's few more photos :)

 Really old one....

Super old one I just sewed in some purple dreads that I made myself. Removed them latter...
:D Pardon my tragic make up . I was just trying out the look. Never got out like that though. Must put that into my list :>

So, I you like it you can buy them here http://www.artofwings.com/accessories.htm#HairFalls or try to search on other internet shops. :) I hope I answered all of your questions :) And thanks for nice comments!


  1. I nearly got some clip ins like that a couple of times! Because I don't have much money I ended up spending it on something else, ha ha!

    1. Well, you shoul obtain these next time :D SInce they are all black, you can obtain afew separate dreadlock of the color of your hai and sew hem in :D It looks really nise then :) Im' panning to get few. since my hair are turnint into auburn color :)

  2. Oh and you look lovely!

    Just realised the writing colour matches my hair too! Whee!

  3. Genius and noncommittal. Just my sort of thing. I'll have to find some.

  4. Wow, that was so easy! I love fast hairdos :)