It's autumn and it's beautiful

Oh, if it would depend on me, I would make so that autumn would last all year long :D I was born in the middle of summer but autumn is my season :) I try to spend much more time in nature, when this season starts since I find it to be the most beautiful during the Fall. I visited my sister this weekend and had a chance to go wonder through a forest that is near her house. I had plans to take photos of my doll but ended up making photos of mushrooms :D

 But I have't forgot my little one too:)


  1. I think Autumn is my season too. I love your outfit and the little outfit for your satyr/ wood elf friend!

  2. I was born during Brazilian summer (in the end of it, almost autumn), and I think summer keeps on being my season anyway, HAHA.

    Mushrooms can be insanely cute. And your doll is amazing! <3

  3. You doll looks just incredible :O

    1. Thank. I take good care of him :) I just adore all my little ones :D