Nice things come after bad ones

Oh my, another month has passed :D oh, it was whole two???.. Time sure flies fast. All half of year seems like a month to me. Crazy crazy, but beautiful month. With some losses...some finds... and things to think about.

Well, the losses... I'm single again. As much as I want to contemplate on it, I must move on. I loved this human the deepest. But love itself is not always enough. But thanks to this time I learned some things about myself. I still love... I just don't ask anything in return.  And expect nothing. I just sit and watch how it all melts away. It's like a fire that you simply stop kindle one day and just sit and watch how it  goes out little by little depending on how big it was made.

Some finds.... Well there are quite a lot of those. My new room mate, that I really like. Not to interested in my life but understand my obsession with bj dolls, oriental culture and doesn't care for bats on every corner in our flat :D Always up for a good chat or a movie...and some vine :)

Also my new doll. Limited beauty from Soom. Got it this summer, never had a chance to brag :D

Soom Ender Dream Walker

Just look at those nails!!! <3 Must love those :3

As demon lord he demanded blood sacrifice right away...
He still has no face up but I'm going to paint him like my first anime crush Lord Sesshomaru from anime Inu Yasha :P

Another find is my lovely new bag that has everything I wanted in one :D It's perfect in every way :D

Got it from Banned. I love those little skulls on the fabric :D
It has long handle as well so you can wear it as shoulder bag. 

Next is my new favorite artist Chiara Bautista. Check out her Facebook ;) I just love her.  And it had nothing to do with me trying to eat my heart out... Well maybe a little :p

Ok. I think it's enough for this time. I promise to get back by another week. I really do ;)


  1. Your bag is great! I am jealous of your doll's ears, I wish I had elf ears. I am glad your room mate somewhat understands you, it seems hard to find people who get us. Sorry about your boyfriend!

  2. Beautiful artwork I think may have to check them out. Sorry, to hear about your relationship, however sometime these things end and you learn and understanding ourselves better

  3. Hi! So sorry to hear about your breakup, but glad that you seem to have a positive and healthy attitude towards it! Stay strong, and I hope something wonderful comes out of this. (seems like wonderful things are already starting to take form, though. ^^)

    Anyway, I love your bag! It's sooooo gorgeous, I could gush on and on about it. I love your coat (?) too! The prints are all so lovely.

    Take care, and enjoy your new stuff! :>