Gifts wrapping

Holidays is here and I got myself a nasty illness that locked me to my bed for a week. Its better now but I'm all dizzy from medicine I had to take. At least I have all presents I wanted to have. I'm always nervous about buying or making presents since I really want a person to be happy with it. So I end up stressed out over it. I wanted to make home made candies at first but since I got sick I couldn't do it. And making it a day before Christmas would would be impossible. There are crowds of people everywhere and it's not enjoyably.

But everything is done now. I even managed to wrap them in a little bit Gothic style. By adding bats :D Take a look :P

I think it's cute and nice. I still remember my grandfathers face when I was celebrating my 30th birthday with family and decided to decorate table with paper bats and spider XD and bloody red napkins :P I will never grow out of it. I become to love it even more. All those cliche things .. I love them too. 
So, take care, I hope you all are ready to enjoy Holidays :)


  1. Everything is better with bats :D That's a well known truth! Merry Christmas and lots of nice gifts, even if they wouldn't be packed in such pretty manner!
    Goodness, you're over 30? :O I'd never guess that, you look so young!

  2. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  3. Love your wrapping! Hope you are feeling well now! Merrry Christmas!~

  4. Your Christmas wrapping is absolutely gorgeous!! I hope your Christmas is great and that you can celebrate it without any further illness.

  5. How adorable, I'm definitely going to try this next year! :)