Holidays gifts wrapping. Do it in style

It's a tradition  for me to return home for Christmas despite how much I hate spending three hours in a train with all packages (present) of mine. And I'm working on 24th, so that means I'll have to take  a train early in the morning of 25th. 
Yesterday I was backing cookies all day long. I'll have no time latter so I decided to do it on my day off. Now I must to resist and not devour them :D They are so tasty. Need to remember the recipe.
I'll leave the packing for the last day. I've found very pretty wrapping paper with golden and white ornament on a black background :D How ever, most of my present won't have a certain form so, I'll just use a organza bags and keep the beautiful wrapping paper for future gifts :)
I usually do not Gothicize the gifts. I always want, but some how I end not doing it. I'll add some bats this year...maybe. 

How ever, here's some inspiring wrapping:

So elegant. The wood element brings out the warm. You can actually buy it here.

For your family males. Source

I find lace on gift packages to be adorable accent. Source

Why not decorate your present with stamps?

Learn how to make them:

Other cute wrappings

Simple but cute. Black paper/ white snowflake? Why not ;)

News paper can be handy too :)

I love simplicity :) It's stand out from ordinary wrapping and is so personal.

 And what about making your own present bag?? Tutorial here.
So, you are welcome to use the ideas if you haven't prepared your gifts jet ;)


  1. I agree with Salieria - the newspaper wrapping is my favourite!

    What a shame you have to be on the train Christmas Day, especially loaded down with packages and baking and everything! But how nice that you are going home ... :o)

  2. Yes, I know. That's why I'm eagerly waiting for the teleportation finally being introduced to our lifes :D

  3. Lots of lovely ideas! I wish I had more time to put on the gift wrapping.

    1. Well, I always say to myself "it's plenty of time..." and then end up packing everything the last day XD At least the cookies came fantastic tasty this year :D My family will have sweet Christmas.