How to make a Lolita inspired dress in a super fast way

It's so clear to me, when I think about it.  It will be number one "must make" projects. I was thinking how to make a black overdress in Lolita style so I could wear it on different skirts. I got this idea from this fantastic Haenuli dress...

For me this dress is just like the one I used to draw when I was a kid. My every princess had a dress like that with different color fabric peeking under the main dress <3 <3 <3 I hope to order this dress someday.

But I also want a more plain black dress like that just without the inner skirt.
So I could wear it with any other of my skirts depending on my mood.

I love this idea. I saw similar idea on one blog. A girl was showing how much coordination you can pull off with one dress. Her Metamorphose dress has buttons on a front. I loved how she combined it with skirts especially with lavender Vampire requiem one. :3 I couldn't find similar dress for a more affordable price (if you know, give me a link;) 

 Then I sow this at EGL sales

Victorian maiden tartan OP (or a dress in a common language)

All I see is a combination of simple top and an additional amount of fabric. For my taste it would look good in black with a little bit more black ruffles.
 I even could wear a black version over my Vampire requiem skirt that will come soon. And then it was like "I can make a whole dress like that. Just by making a skirt and sewing it to a cotton blouse I like." I admit that this idea came into my mind because I find the top part of the dress the most difficult to make... So thit could be a way to make simple but nice dresses for every day use by cheating a little bit :3 ;)
I have never used this method but it just cant fail. It popped into my head this morning and I was like "Why, oh why I threw away that romantic top I had and never wear." So you really can  make a wonderful dress by using a nice cotton blouse/top, a half meter  of black matching cotton fabric and a half meter of desired print fabric, like this ...

Or you can make it all black ;)

If you would measure and sew the black fabric to be about 2 m wide and about 35 cm long and gather it, this would be a skirt base. Then you should cut and sew the print fabric so that it would be about 20 cm long and 2 meters wide or even wider if you would want to gather it while sewing to a black skirt base (like this AP skirt). Make some black ruffles from the black cotton fabric and add them at the bottom of the skirt. Black lace is a good option too. Especially  eyelet.  But it's just my opinion. Use what you like.You can cover the part where the print fabric is sewed to a black one by sewing nice lace on top of the seam.

You should get something lake this.
Not a bad skirt. You can sew a waist line to it and actually make a skirt.  But I don't enjoy making and sewing waist line too. So I'll just sew it to a bottom of my blouse/top to make a dress :)

Now, to make the dress more matching you could make some bows from the print fabric and add it to the blouse. Brows the web for other details you might like and add them if you think you need them. I call this one Lolita inspired dress to not  offend anyone ;)

Let me know what you think. I'll post a real version as soon as I'll make it.

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