Waiting for Christmas just becouse

I got up early. I had plans to go to a birthday party of an old friend ( some photos later maybe) so I had to get a present. It's cold outside. A real bad ass winter. And I am not a fan of winter... So sweater is a must thing :)

I have two more skirts under this one. A black for the length and a  Kera punk one to give a little bit volume.  The outfit is simple, but also is the day.

My beautiful skirt stuck in a custom :( I have send all the documents I had. I guess there was no documents outside the box. I'll have to mention it to Clobba next time I'll be buying from them. Good thing is that my gift for my boyfriend also arrived. I was afraid it will took longer since it's a holiday season. I showed him the item some month before just to see what he thinks an he was like  "OMG!!!" And then I had an evil smile. He has no idea I'm getting it :D You, my dear readers, will see it after the Christmas (I don't want any info to leak :D) 
I'm finally getting a new laptop. The first thing that came into my mind was "Now we can play Minecraft together!" I'll make him to create me a special skin :D He had an Ulquiorra for himself . I want a Lolita :D

What else... Oh oh. More dresses. I'm a big spender I know. But it's winter. I have a right to spoil myself :D
Its actually a jumper skirt (JSK) from Bodyline.

I ordered this one in black. The front pink ribbons will be change to black latter and the pink lacing on the bag will be removed. I saw this dress on Walrus blog  and I loved it. As sweet as it is, the pink can be toned down by black accessories and give to this dress really nice and elegant look. The main thing of course is the print. I love it. I want my wardrobe to maintain in Gothic stile be it Lolita or anything else. So I just wanted to try and see if a bittersweet print, accompanied by Gothic accessories and dark colors can actually look good on me. 
I would love to have such prints as... 

The Alice and The Pirates Vampire prelude or 
The Alice and The Pirates The black cat, witch and the apple tree
And one day I will and Vampire prelude is gonna be an original. But as totally noob I first want to see if I can coordinate it easily with cheaper brands :)

The other one is a black JSK from the same brand.

I made a decision to order it after reading a review on The Walrus room. It's so beautiful. And you can tone it down for everyday looks by wearing a plain black blouse under it and a simple bolero or you can pimp it up by choosing an elegant princess style blouse with bell sleeves. 

It's fun to be your own Santa :D