Changing The look of an old wardrobe

Soooo, let's say you have a boring old wardrobe like I do. Let's say you are renting the flat and can't to remake the wardrobe completely... But you still want it to look more modern and more you. So, what to do??

 Here's the boring wardrobe.

And voila! Fun looking wardrobe. Don't mind the red stuff ;) So, all you have to do is just by desired wall paper and glue it to the bottom of the wardrobe. For me it was some poster I brought from work especially for this project. You can redecorate like that the entire inside of the wardrobe.
And not only wardrobe... Your cupboard looks boring. Use some wall paper too ;)

 Changes in progress... ;)

Changes are done:)

But this is not all changes for me. I've change the room I was living in. The first was the light one, had a balcony, white walls...but only three walls. The fourth wall was a big wardrobe... And yes, I had no door. After a month living like this I moved to a room with doors since the owner of the room has left it. It's more darker and it's a room for me. That light was killing me!!! I never thought it could happen, but it did. I became disgruntled. I tried to spend all my free time visiting my friend, cause I hated to come back to my place. It's absolutely different now. 

Here's my new room. The bat lamp was moved to the new room too :)  I have a full size mirror now, less old furniture and a wooden walls to pin my photos on. Not to mention the mosquito net. I'm still searching for a nice hanger for it and I'll try to make one, if I won't find a good one soon.


  1. What a cool idea! My closet is pretty bland, so hopefully I'll have the time to whip up something similar. What my closet really needs are more shelves and less mess haha xD