New purchase: New Rock platform boots

Woohoo!!! I always was dreaming about getting a pair of New Rock boot, but they never were in my nearest future plans. Until yesterday. Yup, now  I got a pair. It was a big sale on our local internet shop and I decided to check it out just for curiosity. And I ended up ordering a pair of these beauties :D

Now they are proudly sitting in the corner and waiting for the show up. I'm quite sick at the moment, so they really cheers me up.
I never had anything from New Rock and I never had platform boots too. But damn, how comfortable they are!!! And I love how tall they make me :D I'm 181 cm while wearing them. 

I was never considering buying these ones. But now I'm glad I did. They have some nice details...

as little skulls on the outer sides..

 ...and web pattern inside. Such cute details makes girls happy :D Come on, you can't dislike the web patter inside the boots :D

 They are real leather boots so I hope they will serve me well for a long time. And you can really see the quality. The stitches and the sole are very good made. They have anti - slip pad, what is perfect for our winters :D The platform in the highest place reaches 11 cm. They are not the lightest boots but are much lighter then I though they would be. The zipper is on the inner side. It looks strong and saves time, because I hate lacing shoes.

I want to take them for a walk right now. But I'll have to wait a little bit and save them for the time I'll be feeling better. Running nose doesn't add fun to anything you do :)


  1. hope you feel better soon! those beauties are waaaitiiing! (congrats ^^)

  2. Yay! New boots! New Rocks are my absolute favorite boots. They are super comfortable and well made. I have four pairs, including one I've had for 10+ years. None has the cool spiderweb pattern lining, though. I hope you feel better soon so you can take those lovelies for a walk. :)

  3. I love New Rocks, especially for this cold winter weather ^^

  4. Yup, they are super good during winter since we have it 28 below zero. Brrr
    I'm afraid I'll get New Rockmania :D I already want more :D