Day look and hair coloring

I'm feeling well, at last. After three days of hell with fever I at last was able to put my New Rock one and hit the town. Me and my friend decided that it's a time for us to color our hair. So we met in the morning and when to do some shopping.

 Boots!! :D

 I'm wearing contact lenses. So I had to take this pendant with me :D It's kind of cute ;)

 The make up was not to intense. Using Scaredy cat production as always :)

 Just before leaving the home.

The shopping was successful. I've found the color I desired. I decided to go for red orange since I wanted to make my hair a little bit lighter. We shall see the true color after several washes ;) But I still like how it looks. So fresh, I would say.

I also bought some little peaces  for jewelry making.

I'll make simple spider web earrings from it, a pendant with cage and leafs and earrings with just leafs. The little bird on the bottom will be used as a little pendant for every day. It was to cute not to purchase it :) I'll show what I made latter ;)
I also got a new black eye liner with a super thin applicator :D It's easy to apply on and I hope it will stay all day long. Tomorrow is a day off to.So I'll probably will be going out to. You just can't stay at home having a new pair of boots sitting in the corner :D


  1. "You just can't stay at home having a new pair of boots sitting in the corner" SO TRUE! lol. Show them lots of love. Your hair looks great!!

  2. Oh, thanks, Juliet :) :>

    Kitty, Yup yup... I do show love to them :D And thanks for the compliment ;)