Old photos :D

Just for your fun, readers ;)

Baby Bat??? I guess I'm 18 here...
A self - portrait taken for my school graduating art exam.  

 Here too... Self - portrait :D The T - shirt was painted by me. It had a dark angel on it and words "Gothic angel ". Damn, I really loved that shirt.

Summer... two years ago. I look really strange in here. I do not recognize my self in here. I just got my bangs and the hair is so black. I miss that black color sometimes.

A local festival. You can see my beloved coffin bag :D I think I was only goth among metal heads :D At least that's how a long haired guy called me while passing by :D  "Goth..." he mumbled :D Well, thank you, sir.

 Ferrum Frost. A local one day festival. Next to me is my sister. She is six year younger then me and at the beginning of this summer I'm gonna be an aunt :D Damn, years goes by :D

And of course me in a local cemetery :D I'm 26 in this photo.
I found this sweeter on the charity shop. It became my number one thing to wear in any situation. It was worm, black and had cool detail. R.I.P to him. I had to dispose of him last year. 

 More photos next time ;)

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  1. What a cutie you are! I can see how your style became a little edgier as you got older.
    I should do a post like this! I even have a graveyard post, of course! :P