Put a ring on my finger...

I never was a big rings lover. I always loved to wear 1 or 3 of them. But 3 was the biggest number of rings I ever had. My most loved ring for today is my coffin ring I've made myself from an old silver ring. The stone felt of so I just took some polymer clay and made a coffin out of it. The coffin replaced the stone by covering whole socket and what I got was a super nice silver coffin ring. I love it. And wear almost every day (but not to work).

It's simple and nice.

The second ring I usually wear is a gift from parents when I was 16. It's a silver ring with nephrite and zirconium. I do like it a lot. My mom has a good taste in jewelry ;)

But the thing I always dreamed about and still am dreaming is a poison ring. Oh, how I love them. But I haven't found the one that would be THE ONE :D There is so many rings to choose from that I can't decide what I want. Of course it must be silver. I don't wear any other metal. I am a silver person :)
Here some I find very attractive.

Such a cutie. I love this Bat/Coffin ring. Sadly, it's not available for Lithuania... :(  I'd love to have the sapphire one or the ruby.

This old fashion red stone poison ring is also my type. You can wear solid perfume in it too ;P

Alchemy Gothic. It's just sad that they are from pewter. But I can't imagine the price if they were silver.

This one is super amazing.  The Celtic snake ring. But the price is amazing too... in a bad way. But the ring is non less gorgeous.

The unlock my heart ring. This one is not really my type. But it's so sweet. I would want that in silver. The key can be given to  an important person in your life ;)

I want mine to be dark but not to edgy, elegant but not to sweet. So, I'll just keep looking and you, my dear readers, just keep reading ;)


  1. I love your coffin ring! That is a very nice way of saving a ring!

  2. The coffin ring turned out great. I was lucky to get a poison ring from my mother as an teenager. Silver jewellery were really cheap then and many of my silver rings was bought when I was young.

  3. Your mother does indeed have a good taste in jewellery, that piece is very pretty and the design seems quite original. And damn, I'm starting to feel that I need a poison ring too... :D

  4. coffin rings :-O and wow, youre really talented in diy projects!

  5. Love the coffin rings-they are just the perfect little spooky addition to any outfit, I think. And thanks for all the links to the poison rings, they are brilliant!

  6. You are truly a genius with polymer clay. Your coffin ring turned out great!

    I love poison rings (ooh, especially that Alchemy Gothic one). The heart ring is absolutely adorable - I'd wear that if it came in sterling silver!

    Thank you for joining in the theme and sharing your rings and these inspiring links!