Kimono and mini cupcakes for BJD

We are  having a BJD kimono workshop, where our super talented friend Inari San is teaching how to make a gorgeous kimono for our dolls. So as a thanks to here I made a little sweet set that would fit the dolls. It's cupcake, tartar and a doughnut. It was a first try to make food after a long period, but I think I did good. 

First Set ( the gift)

Second set
Available at my shop at "BJD accessories" section

This one is meant for smaller bjd that are 1/4 size. As you see it's a little bit to small for my 58 cm doll. But I'm making another one that will fit the size of larger BJD :) 

And here's the kimono I'm working on.

It's being made just like a real size kimono and there are some rules you have to fallow. I have a one sleeve finally done with all inner lining and so on. I'll have another done till next meeting and hope then I'll finish it. 
I hope it will look good. Check out her blog and the kimono she is making.
Did I tell that the fabric we are using are actually a real vintage kimonos. They have stains on some places so they are not wearable, but there is enough fabric to make a few kimono for dolls. And she has quite a stock of them :) :D 
When I picked this color I was not choosing it for some special reasons, but later I found this picture of Tomoe from Kamisama Hajijemas and could not be more happy about it :D

I'll make a cosplay of him for Haru. Now that I have the main piece :D

Well, that's how my summer rolls.