Munchkin and lost fingers

I'm into board games now. I kinda always liked them but time to time I feel a desperate need to have some at home so we could play anytime we want :)

This one started from "Munchkin Bites" 

A really easy and fantastic game from a series of Munchkin Card games from Steve Jackson. If you need a fun game to a people from 3 to 6 I can recommend it. Watch how to play it here on Geek and Sundry channel. Which is by the way a very informative channel since they play games they pick and you can see if you would like to play it too. If it's fun to watch is must be more fun to play :) That way we now want "Pandemic" in our possession too :) 

Munchkin is kind of  parody of all those RPG games but it's a really good one :) There are much more to choose from like Munchkin Zombies, Munchkin Conan and so on :) Can't wait to get one of my own. Now we borrow it from a friend. And as my birthday is approaching I kindly mention to everyone who ask what I want for my birthday, that I want a board game :D 

Anyway, in the summer it get more a blog of my personal routine then something informative. Pardon me :)

Lat night I had a need to sculpt something and thats what I deed. Making my own cameos was always fun for me. I;m thinking about getting some mold making clay And to make molds of cameos I've sculpted :) It would take less time foe me to make them again. I got little bit inspiration from horror theme and here is what I created.

I like the creepy finger myself. That nail... These are more simple jewelry that I usually do . I wanted it to be simple pendants at first. But you can't run away from who you are and I just had to add some more details to it :D
The skull and coffin are long necklaces below the chest while other two are usual length -  just a over the chest.


  1. The finger looks really creepy... And I love Munchkin as well, maybe I will play it this weekend with my family!

  2. Awww, Munchkin! I have it and I *love* it, I have Munchkin "basic" and Munchkin Cthulhu. It's really easy to learn and extremely funny, it's ok when you don't want to put too much effort in a game but you still wish to be entertained :D
    Oh and Pandemic's really nice too, I played it once, and I'm actually thinking about buying that, too.
    And, gosh, the creepy finger's awesome, though, you know, VERY CREEPY XD but that's where its awesomeness lies :D

    1. Yes, exactly :) We once spend three hours playing Munchkin. As for the finger... I guess my sculpting level is better then I was thinking :D