Maxi skirt

Not much of an outfit, but... I love maxi skirts when summer comes. The wide gypsy style cotton or linen skirts are the best. It dances around my legs when you walk and hides the bruises I always have. The little hit is enough for it to appear and I manage to hit every bench or corner on my way. So my legs are always marked :D oh, black... I love you so much. You are the happiest and most tranquil colors of all (at least for me) ;) 

Bag with a hand made bat bow.( just glued it with hot glue)
Alchemy Gothic "Sacred Heart"
Ankh pendant and leather  bracelet from local shop
Black deer - foe pendant made by me. The silver version of it will be at my shop as soon as I get my cameo frames :)  

I got my second order of perfume oil from Midnight Gypsy Alchemy. I ordered "Season of the Witch" and "Chocolate Mystique" is next. Due the fees I would have to pay for an purchase over 28 dollars it's better for me to order one at a time. But since I got a big bottle now I can calmly start to collect others :)