Midnight Gypsy Alchemy: review

I was stalking a perfumer shop on Etsy for almost a year. They had those amazing scents with beautiful dark and Gothic descriptions that sounded so wonderful. But some how every time I visited that shop I would end  up not ordering again. And one day after during the same "visit, browse, add to card, leave without ordering" routine I decided to check for more shops the would sell perfume oils with wonderful dark descriptions ( when, those are the only way to try to imagine the smell) ans ingredients.
So I did, and the first one I checked was Midnight Gypsy Alchemy. And the same day I ended ordering four samples pack from it :) Why? I just could guess. Another shop had so many similar sounding perfume oils, that it was really hard to decide and MGA had less, but all were different.

Prat I -  choosing and expectations 

So I started to pick looking which one of them had my most lovable cents - apple, rose, patchouli, cinnamon and jasmine. So, by the most attractive description and consist I picked these four:

Season of the Witch - cinnamon, coriander,apple, rose, patchouli, lavender, frankincense, black pepper.
Raven Spell - Violet, orris root, blueberries, apple, dragons blood, cassia, sandalwood.
Chocolate Mystique - cocoa, chocolate, coffee, cardamon, vanilla, sandalwood.
Pavo Real - strawberries, rose, jasmine, Orris, orange, honeysuckle, patchouli, bergemot, cori.

I had very high expectations Chocolate Mystique since they had the most ingredients I love. Chocolate Mystique has all of them!!! Cacao is my happy drink. Whenever I'm sad I just make myself a big mug of cacao. So I  got all cozy just by imagining the smell. Plus vanilla and cardamons are most common spices for ginger cookies and the coffee should tone down the incredible sweetness of the smells and give a more sophisticated note. This perfume has none of my perfume smell I like, but it sound extraordinary having all smells I like particular.
 MGA takes 10 working days witch is about two weeks to make and send your order. I totally understand 10 days process of making it and have no complains because it's a delicate work and I bet the orders are coming all the time.

Part II The real thing

Everything was packed beautiful. I got card with printed descriptions of the perfume oils and one extra - the Music of the night, that I really liked.

So, does I got what I was expecting??? Oh yes.

Season of the Witch. First impression - frankincense. Then something fresh strikes and I guess it's apple and rose. After it, the cinnamon catches the apple and two of them creates a new scent - apple pie :) Then comes patchouli. It's really season scent  Autumn. That deep sweet odor of fallen leafs, the fruits that are ready to be picked. It's lovely. And it's magical. It's sweet, but not that bold sweetness. This one has many notes. The rose, apple, lavender are escorted by cinnamon, patchouli and black pepper. Black Pepper  is a wonderful note of this scent  This was one of the reasons I chose this perfume oil to try. It's deep and seductive, jet not to hard to make you feel dizzy.

Raven Spell. I expected it to be dark and cold. But blueberries change everything and it's warm and sweet at first. I feel like a little child in a forest gathering those blueberries and eating of them half right away. The scent lingers trough my finger sweet and fresh as the taste itself. Then comes the dark lady and takes me by the hand. And I'm spirited away to a mystical place. To the tale itself. In this journey I meet wonderful fresh apple and cinnamon ( cassia). Then something sweet and dark comes along - the sandalwood. A rich and magnificent odor. I feel like in those tales where little girls are spirited away and end up on a mystical ball being all grown up ladies in fancy dress escorted by a handsome spirit/demon.That is the perfume  - childish, warm and playful at first and turns into deep and seductive later.

Chocolate Mystique. Oh my Goddess! This scent is all I expected and more. It's so rich so overwhelming. It's sweet and bitter the same time. The first thing that strikes is cacao, then comes the cardamons and chocolate and coffee comes along. Vanilla and sandalwood are the final notes. I keep smelling my wrist as I write this. I must have a big bottle of this :D The odor is deep and that what I like the most. It's sweet, but it's dark. It's definitely Mystique :) It lifts my mood right away. Soft and spicy, jet sweet but with the touch of bitterns...

Pavo Real - I had no Idea what to expect from this one, but I was intrigued by strawberries having affair with orange and jasmine. And orange come first. It doesn't reveals itself for me so perfect as others, but it's still amazing odor. It's just not mine. I don't really feel the strawberries. Maybe my nose is already overwhelmed by all those scents it had a blessing to experience today...

EXTRA sample added  by seller Music of The Night. It's definitely a citrus perfume and a very pleasant one. It's fresh and green and I can smell fresh lime fused with Bergamot ant a hint of Tobacco.  Then comes something more sweet which is still accompanied by the light hint of lime. An odor of the flower-  yaang- ylang.  But the freshness do not fades. I like that it's not a bold citrus odor that strike  right away through all other scents, but rather a delicate one, wrapped in many other ones :)

I really like Chocolate Mystique, Season of The Witch and Raven Spell. They all are similar but have different main notes. Like a bitter chocolate for Mystique, blueberry and sandalwood for Raven and Rose and pepper for the Witch.

The Witch for it's pepper seems to most pleasant for everyday. The Chocolate is a must have during a winter to lift the mood to you and those around you. And Raven Spell... Well, perfect to put a spell on someone during an enchanted evening.

Now I want to order something light to. I loved the Music of the night a lot too. I guess, I'll order a sample with the full bottle of Witch and Chocolate for now :)

If you consider ordering from MGA, I say you go and order. Lovely packing, wonderful scents. And to know that it created and mixed by Nina herself. It's like ordering a magic potions from a sorcerer. And indeed she's a sorcerer of perfume oils :) And I've become another enchanted client :>


  1. Wow. You have an amazing nose to be able to pick up and describe all those different scents. Thank you for sharing some of your passion. Do you have any tips on how to become a better perfumest?

  2. Thanks :), well, the seller writes what scents the perfume is created of, so I just recognize them. But still you can feel them separately. I don't think it's much of a talent :) And as how to become a better perfumer... when I'm not the one. So you won't get any good advice from me :)But I guess, to feel the cents and how they would support each other is important.

  3. Sounds fantastic. I'm just getting into perfumes and found a few "dark" sellers on Etsy I'd like to try, too. Hope it all works out...

  4. Most perfumes make me sneeze or give me a headache, but the Chocolate Mystique one sounds divine. I usually just wear vanilla, since I like to smell like a freshly baked cookie, you know, something to nibble on :).

  5. well, it's perfume body oil, so it's all natural so less problems with sensitive nose :) With Chocolate mystique you feel like a first class chocolate cookie. You know, like those hand made ones that have generous amount of chocolate chips and are best antidepressants ever :D