Gothic Lolita shrug from a simple dress

So, I had this dress in black. I knew I will not wear it anymore so it was perfect to have practice on making a shrug. I saw a couple tutorials and it seemed quite easy to make a shrug. So I decided to give a try. I needed a Gothic Lolita shrug desperately.
And now I have one. I'm really proud of this one. What once was a plane dress now is a gorgeous shrug I don't want to take off. I love it !!!

I cut the dress bottom to get a desirable length top. I cut trough the front to make the opening. From the bottom piece I made little stripes and and trimmed the top and it sleeves with it by making ruffles. I sew a ribbon in front so I could lace the top, added lace and bows to make it more festive :)
Wearing it with my blouse.

 The details.

I used the whole dress for this project. The bottom that was cut off was used for ruffles and bows.

And what was left is now a beautiful hair band. The all thing can be removed and attached to a hair slide or pin.


  1. You did a fantastic job of the shrug! And it looks so cute with your new skirt (which I like better with the new black bows, too!) :o)

  2. This is beautiful. I would love to have a go at this myself; I'll be on the look out for a dress in the charity shops with suitable shoulders.

  3. Oh, lovely! I love seeing little reinventions of clothes like this. :)

  4. Aww. It look amazing!! What a transformation!

  5. I adore all of your work. You are so skillful :)

  6. It's absolutely adorable! Kudos to you for such an awesome clothing renovation.

  7. Thank you all, ladies. I'm happy you like it, that means I did a good job :) Now I'm up for some cutsew :) They should be easy too :)