Simple Lolita inspired outfit

Outfit I had few days before  becoming black again :D 

It's very simple, just a handmade skirt, simple shirt and a black sweeter. The bow is attachable. It went on other skirt latter. And I think it's not the last journey of its :D

This is how my hand made skirt looks with new bows. I still want something more on it...

I had a chance to wear my black pearls necklace. It's first time I'm really wearing them and not trying :) I got it from my mother as a gift. I love how they become warm after few minutes of wearing them. And they are ice cold when I put them on .

Now go and have some coffee :)
Sebastian will serve you the sweets .


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I hope to get better at this and make more beautiful clothing in the future :)

  2. Oh your skirt is so nice! It looks so nice with the bow on the shirt and those on the skirt. Good combination.

  3. This is such a lovely outfit. I love how all the little elements combine, I'm a huge fan of the small details with outfits. The bow on the jumper is so cute I will have to try that. I really enjoyed this post, outfit posts are amongst my favourite ones.

    1. Well, I love removable details. This bow has an earring clip glued to it. So it holds very well.
      I also like outfit post :) It's always nice to see what other wear on their daily bases to get some inspiration :)