Outfit: Elegant Gothic Lolita inspired

Well, here's a random Gothic Lolita  inspired outfit shoot. I was trying it out for Halloween. I don't have photos from the event itself since I had just enough time to dress up and leave and I didn't took my camera with me. But this is the look closest to how I looked.

No umbrella of course but I thinks it's a very nice detail :) And my heart bat bag is the best companion when you need a little purse :) I just love it :)

I had more puffy skirt decorated with lace and frills, my deer horns, and heels were change into New rock Platform boots. Oh, and next time I'll wear contact lenses for sure. For every time I entered the club after having a cigarette outside, my glassed got all fogy  :) Not nice actually... It's sad that there is only a few alternative clubs/bars where you can go. The events sometimes are hold but that's all. I'm so jealous when I read about all those themed vampire/Gothic cafe. I'd love to spend an evening in one. It would be so nice to see other people dressed in their best  lovely dark outfits :) Sad, that most of them are in Japan. I wan't to move there!!! :) That's the only country I'd leave Lithuania for. I'd better start learning Japanese language :D

...and just for the nose bleed... 

Ok, now I'm ready to die an reincarnate ...

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