Usual day of mine

I've been working on some new projects. A cutsew  and a collar. The cutsew is kinda finished. It needs some more details, I think. The good thing with making your own outfit is that you can modify it during the time. So I'll try to wear it and see what is missing...
When I finish a piece I always make a photo because that way it is easier to see the whole view of it. I wouldn't post such photos on blog since they usually are erased. But this one made me lough a lot.  As I found out, I had a stalker in the back ground :D

Try to find a kitty in this photo :D
and yes, when I work the pieces of fabric is scatering all around :D
I'm wearing me new cutsew with white collar and cuffs and a white underskirt with lace trimming.

 I found those lace quite cheap and I could not decide on what skirt I wanted them to be. Then I thought " Why not make a underskirt with this  lace so I can wear it with any skirt I like". I love white lace peeking a little bit :) Everything else is my old stuff: high waist skirt and the shrug you saw a few posts ago. 
I find some interesting fabric that I took. 

I decided to try and make a JSK from it. I have an image of it in my head with dark blue bows, a white pearl chain and some more laces. It would be more classical Lolita but with darker accessories it would be a more aristocratic look ;) I hope I'll succeed. 


  1. Kitty is adorable - a little black ball with eyes! :D

  2. I'm always amazed by your outfits! Lovely!
    Ha ha your cat made my day :) It's funny when they believe they are invisible.
    I watched a neighbours kitten who sneaked on a magpie. She was so busy with sneaking that she didn't even notice that the magpie flew away.

    1. Thanks :) I'm trying my best :D Yes, I time to time find myself stuck on youtube watching funny cats :D