Hand made Lolita inspired skirt

So here it is - my first handmade Lolita  inspired skirt. Not a reconstruction. I sew it from a fabric I bought at a fabric shop near my home.

 As you can see, hundreds of kitties are dwelling on my skirt.

  I bought one meter of fabric. And it was hardly enough. So I think for a girl like me who wears size 36 the amount of fabric should be at least 1,5 meter. The fabric was 1,20 cm wide so I cut in in half and had 60 cm x 100 cm  wide pieces. The seams stole about a 1 cm each and I had to cut about 10 cm wide strip for the waist, so the bottom of the skirt is about 175 cm. I think this is the minimum width for a skirt you should make or else it wont sit nicely on you. Next time I'm going for 2,5 meter.  The making was simple. I sewed one side of a fabric to make one long piece, then I sewed the bottom laces and decorative laces on the front. Only then I sew the other side together, gathered it and sew the waist on. Here's the scheme. 

 I still don't like the bows. I'm thinking about getting more fabric and making them bigger...

By the way, I made this shrug too. But I'll leave the close up investigation of it for the next post :)


 I replaced little bows with big black ones. I think it looks much better now.


  1. Gorgeous skirt! Seriously, that is pretty awesome. Yes, for Lolita the bows should probably be bigger, but I'm not a fan of bows anyway so I think it looks fine. :)

  2. Thanks. yeah, it's just I was out of fabric and managed to get only these little bows :> I want them bigger and just yesterday I learned how to make pretty ones :D I also need a petticoat to make it more puffy.

  3. It's lovely! I love the pattern of lace and how the lines cross each other. It would look gorgeous with big bows, though it looks great now too. And yay kitties! I made a dress last year that has red bats all over the underskirt. It was so very halloweeny and gothish. XD

  4. Thanks. I already replaced the bows. Now I'm thinking about smaller second pair of them a little bit higher that the first pair :)