Rich and dark eye shadows for dramatic look

Just ordered a bunch of eye shadows from Scaredy Cat. I love her make up and the packing she use. So unique and personal :) Why feed large cosmetic companies with you incomes, when you can actually give it to a real person and get a real product with a soul.

I felt in love with their red, brown and orange eye shadows at the first sign.

So I ordered a bigger container and got a chance to pic five free samples :) How cool is that?  :D So I picked colors I haven't tried before.





All are red and brown tones again :) I just love them. They looked good when I had red hair, I hope it will be the same now that I'm black. 
I do love dramatic make up but I sometimes find it to cliche and to boring. Not to mention it not always look good and you can end like panda instead of Vamp Queen :D That always happens with baby bats :) You must blend black with other colors to avoid that circle "around your eyes"  look. Especially if your eyes are not that big. You can end having "piggy eyes as I call them;) 

Sorry fans, but that's  NOT a good use of black eyeliner. And I often see girls wearing it all like that with super dark lipstick. Ah well... Who am I to criticize it. I'm just happy it's not me :D Because I personally find this combination  funny looking one.

So, my favorite combination is red and brown plus a little bit of black. I almost never leave without my dots at least four of them (two on the each of  lover lid of the eye).

Red blended with brown and black
+black liquid eyeliner

Silver blended with grey and black
+black liquid eyeliner

Metallic golden blended with light brown
+black liquid eyeliner

Just black liquid eyeliner and a little bit of light golden/brown.
I left my lips pale, since if I would add darker color I would look 10 years older...

I was out of make up already. There was left only some brown shadows and green ones witch I don't like at the moment. And I'm very picky about the color. But I'm safe now :) I can't wait to get the order :D

Next in my Etsy wish list is SaraWen perfume oils. As description says it's "Unique perfume oils inspired by all things Literary, Magical, Historical, Gothic, and Geeky! " 
I have found many review and feedback telling that the scents are magnificent. I cant wait to order them when I'll have extra cash in my PayPal again :)


  1. I love your make up! The little dots around theeyes is simply you. I can't use shimmering eyeshades because it makes me look even older. ;-)

    1. Thanks. I love those dots :D Well, the shadows are not so shimmering as they look ;) this is the only shimmer that I like. Maybe because it's mineral shadows.

  2. You would be a great alternative model!

    1. Oh, wow, that's a huge compliment (blush) :D Thanks :D