Game of Thrones, weekend outfit and other routine of a Countess

Finally  I had a chance to go home this weekend. I haven't seen my parents since summer I guess. So staying at my dad's hause was few days of totally relaxation away from my sewing table witch is making me crazy. Since I'm a person of no patterns I try do do everything just by taking a look. I use no patterns. And they ARE NEEDED sometimes... 
I'm glad I'll finally got my winter coat. It's way to cold now with the thin one I had and now I can be sure I won't get cold and won't have to wear 2 sweaters when I go outside. I also snatched a cardigan from attic. All unused stuff  are kept there as well as some season clothes. So I found a high collar blouse, a shrug and a white T shirt for reconstruction.
I also had a chance to dress up as a doll :D It was fun for me and since we played "Game of Thrones" all Saturday, I just had to look royally :D

I played for Baratheon house :D

Love the motto :D 
The game devoured almost 5 hours of our time. Not to mention we had to leave it and to finish it the next morning :D So I definitely recommend it if you enjoyed the book and the TV series. 
We were leaving on Sunday. My sister entered the room when I was putting on my fourth skirt layer. That's how I travel with them to keep them smooth. She asked "Why do you do that?". "Because it's fun" - I answered.
The last day coordination was my favorite. I decided that the wide sleeves are definitely my favorite ones and that the black color suits me best.
 And yes... I colored my hair black again... 
Blouse - off brand.
Corset - Ebay
Sleeves - attachable, made by me.
Cardigan - reconstructed from an old dress.
Skirt - an off brand. I added ribbon a and black lace.
Shoes - borrowed from sister just for this photo.

The coordination with the white collar cutsew and a white underskirt was nice but not as nicely dark and warm.
Blouse - a cutsew from a simple long sleeve and lace
Cardigan - off brand
Cosrset - Ebay
Skirt reconstructed from a large off brand skirt
Underskirt -  made by me.
Well,I like this outfit as well as the first one, is just I don't really know about the white collar. Maybe it's not so bad. :)

I got payed for a purchase few days ago and was all like "oh, a new dress!!!" but it was so hard to pic which one I wan't ( since I want so many) that  my eyes started to hurt. I decided that it's silly and left that matter. I still got a lovely JSK and a dress I haven't worn jet. 
But since inner shopaholic was still roaring I decided to spend them on my darling Haru ( who is a ball jointed doll from Luts company). He was sleeping in his box since we got a cat. At first I was afraid the cat will scratch him, then I got involved with Lolita and started to sew everything for myself. I took him out time to time just to feast my eyes on his beauty. But today I decided that I might actually get him new boots and that super expensive wig that cost actually more then mine :D I still can't decide  should it be grey or white... So I'll start making an wonderful Gothic dandy boy outfit for him and then we'll see what wig and shoes will suit him best. 

Oh!! And there is an Event on Luts site. And the limited edition boy got my attention too... 

:3.... I don't know what it is with deer and me these days :D
Oh, he would be perfect pairing for my cold looking Haru...

P.S. As my track number shows, the Bodyline shoes I've ordered is already at the post office. I hope to receive next day :)


  1. I love the white collar and cuffs on your second outfit, and with the grey striped cardigan and corset, it's such a unique look! Really lovely!! :D

  2. Oh, thanks a lot. AS I say there must Be at least three main clothing pieces. A skirt (pants), a shirt(blouse) and a top piece (bolero, shrug, jacket, corset or vest). If there is four, it's even better :D